A talk by Aeva Black for #SeaGL 2019


If you have a VPS ready...

root@host:~$ curl | bash

(not an endorsement of curl-pipe-bash)





And all that time,

I was using GMail

Google is (and has always been) an Ad company
"We want advertisers to feel that our platform,
 our network, is safe. Our advertisers only want
 to be serving good ads, good content."

  - Katherine Oyama
    Global Head of IP Policy, Google, inc.

Statements at "Fostering a Healthier Internet to Protect Consumers"
House Committee on Energy and Commerce, 10/16/2019
credit: Dr Download / NerdCity
credit: Future Advocacy / deepfakes NerdCity

open source
✨ empowers everyone ✨

Re- De- Centralize!

It's not a party unless you Bring-Your-Own-Device
OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks

personal necessities

email, calendar, contacts, file backup

community necessities

event mgmt, microblogging, news feed

nice to haves

*streams & *tubes
micropayments / subscriptions

😟 y so hard 😟

because I'm laz^D^D^Dbusy, I use


(not an endorsement for anyone on the project)
root@host:~$ curl | bash

(not an endorsement of curl-pipe-bash)

✨ almost there ✨

Consider this

single or multi-user?
what "applications" will you run?
what's your threat model?

hosting tradeoffs

off-site at-home
+ physical security
+ no 3rd party
+ easy setup, backups
+ dynamic size
- physical locality
- your ISP
- no easy setup, backups
- fixed size
For decades,
computers have been helping us to remember,
but now it's time for them to help us to ignore.

- Cory Doctorow


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